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6 Steps To Prepare Walls Before The Paint Job

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It is crucial to prepare well before every paint job. Prepping is considered as the key step by the professional painters. Pay heed to important aspects of the house walls to have a flawless finish after a DIY painting project.
Plan about your budget, time frame, and alternative living option weeks ahead. You may choose from water-based, latex or acrylic paints for different parts of the house. Choose color palette which works well with your mood and landscape. Work in a series of following prep-steps to match up your DIY project with professional house painting services in MA.

1.    Power Wash The Exteriors

Exterior walls are prone to grime accumulation. Use a pressure washer to get rid of it.  Attach a garden hose with the pressure washer. Attach soaping nozzle to get the detergent to the sidings. Apply detergent from the bottom, by keeping the wand a foot away from the walls. Let it stay for 5-10 minutes. Now replace the nozzle to 25-40 degree spray tip. Rinse away the soap and allow drying.

2.    Dust And Clean

Dust and clean the interior dry walls, which could not be power washed. Wipe dust a with a fabric. Use a vacuum cleaner for thorough dust removal. Apply tile cleaners or detergent solution for cleaning the bathroom or kitchen walls. 

3.    Scrape Away Loose Paint

The chipped and loosened paint should be scraped away from the walls. A simple putty knife or paint scraper should be used to peel off the scraps of paint. For the stubborn old paint patches use chemical strippers. Apply the chemical to the desired area, leave for a few minutes. Then scrap away the loosened paint flakes.

4.    Smooth Out The Bumps

Remove protruding nails. The plaster bumps should be evened out with sandpapers. Use fine grits for the minor patches. Cut out the old glue using a utility knife. Sand away remaining tiny patches of glue with sand-paper.

5.    Fill Holes

Buy a drywall compound beforehand. Use spackling compound for small holes. Apply joint compound for holes larger than 1/8 of an inch. Fill the hole with a putty knife and spread it thinly over it. Apply two to three coats to make an even surface.

6.    Apply Primer

To ensure a consistent base for the top coats of paint, apply appropriate primer. Have a say about the choice of primer from providers of affordable home painting services in MA. It is safe to use an oil-based primer for doors, windows, and cabinets. Use latex primer for new dry walls for a water-based paint job.

For a blotch-free paint coat application by your own hands, start with cleaning your walls. Use power washing and dusting for exteriors and interior respectively. Even out the drywall surface by leveling the bumps and holes. Prime your walls with oil-based or water-based primer layer before applying the first coat of paint. In case you need professional help, hire best residential painting services in MA.

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